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Brazilian Wedding Traditions


The Wedding Party
The Ceremony

The Night After the Wedding

Brazil is a country baring a strong European influence. It is a very new country, and most of its customs are based on ancient rituals; nonetheless, one can appreciate certain customs that are original and particular to Brazil and its people.
On the first night the Groom must pick the bride up to walk in to the new house or hotel room holding her in his arms and step inside with the right foot.
Sometimes the new couple makes a bit of extra cash for their trip by cutting off pieces of the groom’s tie, and selling them to their guests. A close friend will take the groom around to all the guests. The friend will then proceed to cut pieces off the tie, and ask guests to purchase pieces in return.


One of the most common practices of the country of Brazil is its Carnival; its festive spirit. For every wedding, a great party is expected every time. The bride and groom ared expected to entertain their guests as if it is Carnival all over again.

Favors and Gifts: The bride and groom usually buy original, inexpensive gifts that they give away to their guests as wedding favors.For example, some items that might be given are, miniature bottles of Brazilian rum, handcrafted wooden souvenirs, Samba CDs, and other original gifts.