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Brazilian Wedding Traditions

The Ceremony

The Wedding Party
The Ceremony


94% of the Brazilian population is Roman Catholic. The ceremonies are just like the traditional weddings except for the fact that weddings in Brazil are sometimes arranged by the use of a carnival theme. The groom awaits the bride at the altar and in Brazilian culture she must be at least 10 minutes after the groom. The brides groom cannot see the bride wearing her wedding gown before the ceremony or it is considered bad luck. According to tradition the bride must use something old, something new, and something that is borrowed. Once the bride arrives she enters with the two flower girls. One of the flower girls is actually a ring bearer while the other actually brings in the flowers.
 Instead of just plain old bridesmaids and groomsmen the wedding party consists of couples married or unmarried gathering at the altar. They usually have three couples on each side. The traditional wedding vows are then read. Then the placing of the ring's occurs.The tradition in Brazil is very different, the soon to be bride and groom wear their engagement rings on their right hands and once they get married they switch them to their left hands. The rings should be engraved, the brides ring should have the name of the groom and the grooms ring should have the name of the bride. Concluding the ceremony the two exchange a kiss to seal the deal. After the ceremony they head to the reception. An old Brazilian custom is that the bride places her shoes in the middle of the dance floor where the guests are to place donations for the newlyweds and their upcoming future.